Our Purpose

Bennitt Design Group is a preeminent international Professional Services Firm Incorporated in and licensed to practice Landscape Architecture in the State of California as well as Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, USA. At home and abroad we are passionately dedicated to leveraging our global knowledge and trusted reputation to deliver consistently reliable professional advice and personalized design that creates extraordinary environments and exceptional human places. Daily, we make a qualitative difference by listening, by collaborating and by working to support and to strengthen the business fundamentals, the real assets, the competitive advantages and the brands of our clients and partners.

Our Passion

In an ever increasingly competitive, connected and commoditized world, our passion and focus remain consistently unwavering. We are proactive, engaged listeners and collaborators. We believe that the foundations of successful endeavors are built upon quality communication that leads to clarity of intent and an understanding of our client’s business objectives, personal aspirations or envisioned dreams. Foremost, we foster creative, inspired solutions while at the same time respecting and never losing sight of our client’s or partners’ collective agendas. We collaborate and innovate, often transcending the expected, not simply to be different or to stand out but in order that we leverage our knowledge to provide owners and clients tangible benefits and creative solutions that resonate with end users, that drive brand preference and that add real value.

Our Promise

Today more than ever…….in every corner of the globe……every expenditure counts. Everyday, proformas and budgets are scrutinized, analyzed and re-analyzed. In what may often seem a precarious and unforgiving business world, the imperative to optimize the value of design and the return on investment are constant and overreaching. In this risk adverse climate, we serve as trusted advisors helping owners and managers to make better informed decisions about their assets and their resources. We consistently deliver pragmatically driven results by creating differentiated landscape design strategies that not only result in compellingly evocative places, spaces and gardens but yield measurable benefits, sustained value and lasting competitive advantages for our clients, partners and friends.

Our Leadership

We deliver on this promise by ensuring that each client and each project receives the focus and the personalized individual attention of our Director and Design Partner, Todd Bennitt. Mr. Bennitt, educated at the University of California Berkeley and the Harvard Graduate School of Design was inspired and mentored in his early career by some of the profession’s most preeminent and seminal practitioners, including, Garrett Eckbo, Hideo Sasaki, Stuart Dawson, Robert Royston, Carl and Bill Johnson and Clarence Roy. His formative years were influenced by his Principal role at Sasaki Associates as Director of their Los Angeles office. He brings to each assignment a seasoned global perspective informed by lessons learned and knowledge gained over the course of a sustained and celebrated career. Known widely for creating architecturally unified, simple, profoundly elegant, sustainable and crafted compositions that function and work well, he is also a respected expert in constructed landscapes on structure, plant materials, planting design and state of the art water conserving initiatives. As an honored Fellow in the American Society of Landscape Architects his career spans over 40 years of distinguished contributions. These accomplishments encompass a rich diversity of project types around the World that are recognized for their ingenuity, their cost effectiveness, their marketplace and consumer success, their exceptionally engaging character and their vibrant and positive impact on the communities and places in which they are located.

Our Values

Today’s resource challenges and our interrelated impacted environments weigh heavily on us all. Informed stewardship and citizenship are an imperative. Daily, community involvement, social responsibility and sustainability inform our business decisions and influence our design solutions and recommendations. While our practice spans the globe, we remain firmly committed to improving the communities in which we live, work and play. We do this by appropriately and readily contributing our expertise and energy to locally inspired initiatives and community improvement programs. Globally, in the cities and communities in which we work, we promote social responsibility by creating places and destinations that both respect and celebrate the authenticity and natural character of their environment. We strive to capture and to express the spirit of the unique traditions, cultural and social fabric of the locale. Our overreaching imperative, Sustainability, remains a guiding principle for all of these endeavors. Our staff is informed and knowledgeable in the pertinent site development and landscape aspects of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) and in each of our assignments we promote and apply technology and creativity to meet these established standards for excellence.