Guotai Arts Plaza

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Guotai Plaza promises to provide downtown Chongqing with an innovative, vibrant and engaging new Central Park/Urban Green. The challenging site includes the exciting new Guotai Cathay Arts Center, a recently completed Icon that has become a memorable architectural and cultural landmark in the City. Addressing governmental initiatives and mandates to create meaningful and useable open green space and to bring nature to the densely populated urban core, the design architect, Jerde has created an inventive, “inverted” below grade urban lifestyle /entertainment center. This concept maximizes the extent and flexibility of uninterrupted public open spaces to be constructed at the grade level of the surrounding commercial streets. In collaboration with the architectural team, we conceived a series of unique, integrated and world class public spaces, plazas, water features and gardens designed to intersect, to engage, to unify and to re-establish historic patterns of use and pedestrian connectivity to existing city districts, landmarks and natural features. The overreaching landscape Theme is inspired and informed by Chongqing’s dramatic topography, beautiful mountains and tranquil rivers to reflect and to celebrate the dynamic intersection of Nature and the City. Combined with the innovative development of the Retail Center, this new Urban Green is certain to yield a positive return on equity. Guotai Plaza promises to become a popular and memorable new destination for the citizens of Chongqing and the Region.

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