The Garden

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The Garden is a luxury high rise residential development located in Taichung, a growing and prosperous City situated in west central Taiwan. The architectural concept and site plan feature a singularly iconic courtyard garden that embodies a high quality, sophisticated and valuable residential address. As a signature property, developed by the Pao Huei Construction Company Ltd., The Garden is clearly distinguished by a colorful and texturally layered garden fronting one of the City’s primary commercial thoroughfares. Informed by principles of feng shui, the courtyard garden features an inward flowing water feature that replenishes a tranquil and reflective pond. Large scale sculptural specimen Maple trees, stone and textural groundcovers are simply composed to create a stunningly beautiful and timeless focus for residents and visitors. In addition to the central garden, several indoor rooms and spaces enjoy attractive views to intimate and inviting outdoor green rooms designed to reflect a casual and elegant lifestyle. Collectively, these signature exterior spaces effectively brand the property as a unique, signature address and a valuable real asset.

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