Zhenru Mixed Use Preview/Sales Center

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As a joint development of KWG Property and the Greenland Group, this mixed use project is sited in one of Shanghai’s four planned urban “sub-centers”. In collaboration with the development team, Bennitt Design conceived and comprehensively developed the Sales and Marketing Center Gardens. The landscape development focuses on creating an inviting and prestigious enclave for perspective residents as well as commercial and retail tenants. Although the proposed Center promises to ultimately deliver and embody a high quality luxury address, the existing adjacent land uses and the in progress construction are presently incompatible elements. In order to positively screen undesirable off site views and to mitigate ambient noise levels, we collectively orchestrated and choreographed the visitor experience by creating impactful landscape interventions. Large scale decorative garden walls, strategically placed mature plantings and a dynamic white water wall collectively enhance the ambiance of the Marketing Center to create a positive guest experience. Prospective clients, tenants, residents and visitors are now afforded an inviting and compelling preview of the ultimate quality and character of what promises to be vibrant and exciting new mixed use urban destination.

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