Helen and Peter Bing Children's Garden

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Named for its generous donors, Mr. and Mrs. Bing, the Children’s Garden, encompassing approximately 30,000 sf. is a popular destination within the 120 acre Huntington Botanical Gardens. As the original estate of Henry Huntington, one of Southern California’s most prominent early entrepreneurs, the Huntington is home to world acclaimed art and artifacts as well as the internationally recognized Botanical Collections. Over the course of several years, Mr. Bennitt served as a trusted advisor and collaborated with the Botanical Director, Mr. James Folsom in creating several design enhancements and improvements for the Gardens. Working in collaboration with Mr. Ned Kahn, a widely acclaimed environmental artist known for his inventive art that enables viewers to observe and to interact with natural processes, we conceived and developed the Children’s Garden. Featuring several innovative interactive exhibits developed by Mr. Kahn, the Garden provides “hands-on” experiences primarily for young children ages 2-8. In four separately themed areas exploring primary natural elements…… air, water, earth and fire…., whimsical displays and playful inter-actives invite and engage children to be introduced to and to better understand scientific principles related to their natural world. Featuring evocative exhibits such as vortex water bells, pebble chimes, magnetic sand and the prism tunnel, The Garden continues to mature and to capture the imaginations and to inspire Children in a dynamic, safe and beautiful learning environment. Mr. Bennitt was the principal designer and provided professional consultation to the Huntington while associated with another professional services firm.

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