Mandarin Retail/Entertainment Center

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Situated at the confluence of the Sochi River and the Black Sea, this 3.3ha (8.15 acre) site in the well-known Resort City of Sochi, enjoys outstanding views to the Causcasus Mountains, to the beautiful flowing river adjacent and to the shimmering waters of the Black Sea. Collaborating together with the design architect, Jerde, this underutilized but well situated real estate is transformed into a richly vibrant collection of engaging public promenades, boardwalks, plazas, courtyards and outdoor living rooms. The landscape theme and vocabulary is informed by Sochi’s cultural traditions emphasizing healthful outdoor activities as well as the rich palette of plant materials that thrive in a sub-tropical mild climate much like southern California. Imaginatively themed and branded, choreographed and integrated together with the architectural composition, this exciting new Center reflects our collaborative skills in place-making that yields bottom line results to create sustainable enduring value. Visitors and guests to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are certain to find the Mandarin a must see destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

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