Legoland California

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Legoland California, is a 128 acre master planned entertainment/amusement park conceived and developed by the LEGO Group. The Park is the third of now five operating parks in the world including the original in Billund, Denmark, Windsor, England, Gunzburg, Germany and the most recent edition in Winter Park, Florida. The LEGO brand ( from the Danish phrase Leg godt which means “play well”) and whose motto is “only the best is good enough” originated in Denmark and is known throughout the world for its genuine commitment to learning and childhood growth. Mr. Bennitt, as a trusted advisor to the senior management team at LEGO collaborated with an acclaimed interdisciplinary consultant team as the primary landscape designer responsible for implementing the vision and business objectives of LEGO. The Park is uniquely positioned and designed to address the targeted and always competitive California entertainment market and features 9 separately LEGO themed “Lands” with over 100 family attractions oriented to families and children aged 2-12 years. Today, with its strong foundation of thoughtful and value driven landscape design, the Park is majority owned by the Blackstone Group and operated by their subsidiary, Merlin Entertainment.

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