Greenbelt 3 at Ayala Center

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The Greenbelt Mall is one of the most popular and successful retail destinations in the Philippines. Comprising approximately 27,275 sm. (300,000sf.) this innovative collection features an intriguing diversity of high end shops, restaurants, night clubs, amenities, leisure and entertainment options. Collaborating with the design architect, Callison and the Owner, Ayala Land, we created one of the country’s first retail experiences to capture, to exploit and to celebrate an honored cultural tradition of respect for nature and public gardens. The imaginative site plan not only preserves major existing landmark trees in the park but focuses outdoor activities, plazas, performance venues, arcades and al fresco dining toward the open spaces of the exotically landscaped Green Belt Park. The architecture and the publically accessible gardens of the park are woven gracefully together as a unique, safe and engaging place for shopping, dining, relaxation and entertainment. An additional cultural attraction within the center is the Ayala Museum, home to one of the most important private collections of Philippine art and history. Collectively, these attractions woven seamlessly together with the well designed and maintained open spaces have measurably transformed Makati to yield long term sustainable economic and social gains for City. The Urban Land Institute has honored Greenbelt 3 with its prestigious Award of Excellence. Mr. Bennitt was the principal designer for concept through design development phases of this project.

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