Westside Media Center

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Developed by and now the corporate Headquarters of Kilroy Reality, a widely respected publically traded REIT, this 300,000 sf. , 4 story complex designed by HKS, is located in West Los Angeles at the intersection of two of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, Olympic and Bundy. On the ground floor the complex includes a popular state of the art fitness center and a busy lunch destination, Lemon Moon Restaurant. Working in concert with the design architects we created and implemented a comprehensive landscape design that aligns and affirms the owner’s conviction that well-designed and differentiated outdoor spaces significantly influence leasing and brand preferences. Mr. Kilroy envisioned an inviting urban park or campus defined by the building facades on south edge and to the north, by an extensive vertical green “wall” to screen less desirable off site views. Taking maximum advantage of open space, sunlight and exposure, the resulting oasis of green features an appealing collection of courtyards and gardens that are configured as generously furnished attractive outdoor spaces or “living rooms” for casual meetings, workstations, al fresco dining and relaxation. The central placement of a pleasantly audible water feature together with a colorfully exotic sub-tropical plant palette further enhances the property’s intrigue and pedestrian friendly experiences. As these distinctively unique gardens mature, they remain a measurable and enduring testament to the influence and to the strategic value of great landscape design for competitive advantage, for brand promotion and for a sustainable return on investment. Mr. Bennitt was the principal designer for this project while associated with another professional services firm.


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