Western Asset Plaza

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As home to one of the world’s leading fixed income asset managers, this signature property is located on Pasadena’s famous Rose Parade route, Colorado Boulevard at the intersection of Los Robles Avenue. This 5 story, 270,000 square foot complex features an extensive collection of distinctive gardens and places. As the principal landscape design architect, we worked in tandem with Moore Ruble Yudell, the Design Architect and HKS, the Executive Architect to integrate the building’s ground plane into surrounding urban context. This design strategy leverages the complex’s close proximity to the City’s Historic Civic Center and to a prime retail destination, Paseo Colorado. The inherent pedestrian connectivity and convenience of this great location in the heart of the urban core not only brands and distinguishes the address but also significantly informs the landscape design approach. Though constructed entirely over the subterranean garage, we designed and implemented an inviting series of paseos, plazas, arcades and lushly landscaped intimate gardens and courtyards that include appropriately scaled water features. The paseos and gardens encourage convenient through block pedestrian connectivity that activates and energizes the experiences of visitors, guests and tenants. As a tribute to the City’s progressive art in public places program, the gardens are home to two remarkable Jun Kaneko Ceramics as well Ralph Bracerra’s evocative mural “Kaloseides”. Today, the plaza’s inventive landscape design is an enduring and significant value creating development that uniquely distinguishes and affirms the properties’ value and sustainability. Mr. Bennitt was the principal designer for this property while associated with another professional services firm.

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