Ocho Manos

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Nearly 3.5 acres in size and located in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, this private residential estate is a sublime oasis of tranquility and grace. The compound, Ocho Manos (eight hands) is named for the family’s four children. Influenced and inspired by their travels abroad to the Mediterranean, the architectural style and the gardens reflect the layered textural qualities of a traditional Majorcan villa. Mr. Bennitt collaborated both with the architect, Bob Ray Offenhauser and the Interior Designer, Jon Wolf to design and to develop the extensive grounds of the property. Exterior walls feature imported stone detailed and constructed in an authentic vernacular. Designed to accommodate the active family’s lifestyle, including frequent entertaining of guests and visitors, the garden includes inviting and spacious open lawns together with more secluded and intimate courtyards that unite interior and exterior spaces. The central axis of the architectural composition is emphasized by a stunningly beautiful horizon edge swimming pool that reflects the towering sycamore grove beyond. The property also includes a well-appointed guest house, championship tennis court, a half basketball court, a one of a kind children’s tree house and an Olive Grove that accommodates off street parking as needed for events and functions. Existing specimen trees on the property are carefully preserved and maintained together with an exotic palette of subtropical palms and succulents. Impeccably maintained throughout, the gardens of Ocho Manos genuinely reflect the sophistication and grace of its owners. The resulting composition is a testament to value of great design collaboration that creates enduring and sustainable real estate value.

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