Mediterranean Hillside Villa

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Situated on a nearly 2 acre site, this property enjoys extraordinary panoramic views of the Pacific shoreline and the entire Los Angeles Basin. The owner, a founder of a widely respected private equity firm headquartered in southern California envisioned a collection of Mediterranean inspired garden spaces and rooms. Generous scaled, invitingly furnished outdoor terraces flow naturally from the interior spaces to seamlessly integrate the luxurious theme and style. Hillsides are planted as olive groves and beautifully terraced vineyards extend the utility and charm of the property. At the main terrace, a heroically proportioned antique fireplace provides the focal point for family gatherings and entertainment events. Exquisitely crafted stone walls, together with antique fountains, water runnels and statuary connect and unify the various garden levels. The entire composition provides a personalized sanctuary for the family and optimizes the real value of the property.


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