Tribeca Park at Central Park

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Situated conveniently in West Jakarta, Tribeca Park is the Iconic feature of this 655,000sm. (7,050,000sf.) mixed use urban center. The development includes the multi-level 6 story shopping mall, a 42 story premium office tower, a 12 story 4 star Hotel, and three 56 story luxury residential apartment towers. Comprising approximately 21,100sm.(5.4ac.), the park design embodies the owner’s business goal to establish a world class quality public open space amenity and urban park as a prominent and distinctive Center of the Community, Podomoro City. This dynamic and new urban open space aims to enhance its surrounding built environment, providing a cultural/civic asset that interconnects this District to become a profoundly powerful Brand Statement. Designed as a contemporary urban oasis of green it is a 24 hour inviting safe, convenient and comfortable environment. A major outdoor amphitheater and performance venue together with its interactive fountain is regularly programmed with civic, community and promotional events. The park also features three separate and architecturally distinctive free standing pavilions for activity generating retail and al fresco dining uses. Constructed entirely above subterranean retail uses, the team overcame multi challenges associated with grading and drainage, waterproofing loading and structural parameters. Tribeca Park has dramatically transformed the urban neighborhood to become a widely popular energized regional destination, an authentic community asset and a measurably successful real estate enterprise for its owners and its occupants.

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