207 Goode

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Situated along the busy 134 freeway corridor, between two of Glendale’s major traveled ways, Brand Boulevard and Central Avenue, the 207 Goode Avenue property enjoys exceptional visibility. Comprising approximately 180,000 sf. configured in 8 floors, this new building was carefully integrated into an existing complex of Office Buildings and open spaces. In coordination with the Architect, AECOM, we created a landscape setting that clearly distinguishes the address but at the same time strengthens and enhances the existing spaces between buildings and the pedestrian accessibility or patterns of connection within the Campus. In order to insure greater visibility and to maximize the useable open space, the Team positioned the building to immediately front Goode Avenue. The resulting pedestrian plaza between the new building and the existing 6 story garage is delineated by a towering vertical screen of timber bamboo that screens and softens views of the garage from the newly adjacent office users. The plaza features elegantly detailed and crafted concrete seat walls, impressive date palms and decoratively themed planters. Large scale specimen California native Sycamore trees, planted in informal groves provide desirable shade in Glendale’s warmest seasons and visually soften the transitional landscape spaces between adjacent existing buildings. The nature of the landscape, contemporary, functional and artful compellingly brands and differentiates the 207 Goode address for the prospective tenants, users and visitors.


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