Harvard Westlake Middle School Plaza

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Located on North Faring Road in the Bel Air neighborhood of west Los Angeles, the Harvard Westlake Middle School provides a preeminent academic experience for grades seven through nine. Responding to the school’s desire to improve the main campus entry experience, Bennitt Design Group worked closely with administrators to develop new pedestrian scaled amenities that create an improved sense of place together with opportunities for comfortable seating and small group gatherings. A carefully crafted palette of materials blends seamlessly with the Mediterranean themed architecture and includes terra cotta colored contemporary styled pots filled with fruitless olive trees, bay laurel trees, boxwood and rosemary. The space is furnished with inviting teak wood benches together with large scaled umbrellas for shelter and shade. These transformative improvements reflect Bennitt Design Group’s value based landscape design strategies that consistently create outstanding places while at the same time leveraging our clients and partners’ brands.

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