Family Estate Compound

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Located in the well-established Indian Beach community of this popular destination city in southeastern Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, this exceptional property not only enjoys a wide swath of direct access to the sapphire waters of the Bay but has dramatic unobstructed views of Long Boat Key, a protective barrier island. Having recently procured this spectacular waterfront parcel of approximately 4 acres, the owner, a long-term client, commissioned Mr. Bennitt for his trusted advice and design consultation. Based on the family’s expressed design aspirations as well as their lifestyle, we developed a detailed Landscape Master Plan for the ultimate development of a new home, guest houses, and extensive themed gardens. The Plan imaginatively preserves and incorporates the property’s majestic landmark Oaks and Sycamores. Together with the dramatic architectural composition, the envisioned private compound promises an inviting family sanctuary, a legacy property with intrinsic, sustainable value.

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